Takayama’s Scenic Sky Park

The Northern Alps when I went in June of 2017

A park with a terrific view of Takayama City and the Northern Japanese Alps.

Everyone who visits Takayama knows about the historical district, but only a handful of people know about Takayama Sky Park (at least at the time of this article). Officially named the “Alps Lookout Park ‘Sky Park,'” it has a breathtaking view of Takayama City and the Northern Alps (also called the Hida Mountains). Even though the park is only a 25-minute walk from JR Takayama Station, you will rarely see tourists venture here.

The Northern Alps when I went this past April (2018)

The park is located at an elevation of 570 meters and comes complete with a walking path, large 6,000-square-meter grass field, restroom facilities, benches, and a parking lot for 40 vehicles (information from the Takayama City website).

The spacious grass field

If you come in the late spring there will still be snow on the mountains, making for some picturesque landscapes.


You can make out the park from JR Takayama, it’s right above the McDonalds (yes I waited for a train to pass by when taking the picture)

Like I mentioned earlier, the park is located 25-30 minutes on foot (depending on your walking speed) from JR Takayama Station. You can actually see the park from inside the station if you look out the windows that are directly in front of the ticketing gates (they are overlooking the tracks).

The route on Google Maps (I registered an English name for the park when writing this article but it still hasn’t been approved yet)

1.)Exit Takayama Station (the West Exit is closer but either will work) and walk north for 170 meters
2.) Turn left onto Prefectural Road 71 and follow it on the left side for awhile
3.) Cross under Highway 41 using the pedestrian tunnel and keep following 71

The pedestrian tunnel you use to cross under Highway 41

4.) After crossing under 41 you will soon reach a fork in the road, stay to the right

It’s a little difficult to see in the picture, but the road you want to go right on is right after the telephone pole

5.) The road should begin to slope upwards, follow this road until you reach a tall wood sign that reads “アルプス展望公園「スカイパーク」” (meaning “Alps Lookout Park ‘Sky Park’”) and turn left

The road leading up to the park

6.) Take this road up the hill and you will reach the park (please note that this last section before the park gets a bit steep)

The panoramic view from the lookout point

Now all that’s left to do is to go and enjoy the view!

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