Another Year, Another Central Nippon Expressway Pass!

We present to you, courtesy of Gifu Prefecture and NEXCO Central (operator of the expressway system in central Japan), the 2014 edition of the Central Nippon Expressway Pass! Highly recommended to any visitors to Japan who are choosing to get around mostly by rent-a-car, the CEP gives you the perfect opportunity to save on both time and money!

After purchasing the CEP at a fixed rate, you will be allowed unlimited use of central Japan’s expressways, allowing you to breeze through toll stations without worrying about having to stop and by. The range the CEP covers is massive, and will get you from the major hubs in central Japan (Nagoya, for example) all the way to the capital city of Tokyo! All you need to do is, when you rent a car from either Toyota or Mazda and request the CEP, an ETC (electronic toll collection) card will be inserted into your vehicle, granting you free use of Japan’s highway network!

It’s not just the amount of money you’ll save (a fairly hefty sum), but also the convenience of having the ability to take the roads wherever you want without having to worry about pesky toll gates! If you’re making a trip to Japan in the near future and are thinking of getting around by car, I cannot recommend the CEP enough!

On sale now!

View the brochure HERE.



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