Presenting the Central Nippon Expressway Pass 2013!

Developed by Gifu Prefecture and NEXCO Central, the operator of the expressway system in central Japan, the Central Nippon Expressway Pass (CEP) is the next step in the evolution of the “G-PASS” that we have rolled out over the last couple of years!

It makes driving in central Japan incredibly affordable and easy! When you rent a car from Toyota or Mazda, add-on this fixed price plan (for a designated number of days from 2 to 14) and get an ETC (electronic toll collection) card inserted into the car. With this, you can enjoy unlimited use of the entire (usually expensive) highway network administered by NEXCO Central and can pass through toll gates without having to stop and pay. Now covering all NEXCO Central roads, the CEP offers drivers unprecedented freedom of movement and a much more expansive area in which it applies – it will even cover the drive to Tokyo!


For those considering a self-drive trip in Japan, I would highly recommend choosing central Japan as your destination, with the CEP 2013 plan as your secret weapon! Given the ease of driving in the central Japan region and the startling amount of money you will save by utilizing this pass, it’s really a no-brainer!!

Sales Period begins on April 1, 2013

View the brochure HERE

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