Archived Fun Facts about GIFU!

Cherry Blossoms and Paper Lanterns

Here are all of the “fun facts” and bits of trivia that I’ve posted (in the footer) to date!

♠ Takayama City is the only city in all of Japan (excluding Tokyo, which is a special case and is actually not really a city) that is larger, area-wise, than an entire Japanese prefecture! In this case, Takayama is more expansive than both Kagawa and Osaka Prefectures!

♠ Seki City in Gifu is the historical capital of traditional Japanese sword-making! Even to this day, it remains a worldwide leader in the field of blade production!!

2 responses to “Archived Fun Facts about GIFU!

  1. Most old Japanese swords can be traced back to one of five provinces, each of which had its own school, traditions and trademarks. My favourite are the blades from Seki and Mino in Gifu which are famous from the start for their quality and sharpness.

    • Thanks for the insight! I didn’t know there were only five provinces from which they originated. They truly are works of art, at least the ones made here in Seki.

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